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this town is the cutest #inspo

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And the net version too :3

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Oof, I completely forgot to add Isabelle to that last ACNL drawing, sorry!  So here’s an Isabelle!

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(Source: supertortimer)

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My mum’s cute little Animal Crossing villager, in front of her cute little house, watering her cute little roses. ^_^

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hey y’all!!! after some unfortunate circumstances in my personal life, i’m starting the animal craigslist blog back up!! i’m really sorry about my absence and junk, but enough about me. animal craigslist??

  • what is animal craigslist??

good question!!!! animal craigslist is just like real life craigslist - you post an ad and we post it, and people send you responses!!

  • what kind of ads are we supposed to post?

any kind of ads that you want, essentially! you can send in ads about furniture, fruit, villagers, patterns, anything!! the sky’s the limit!

  • how do we respond to an ad??

by messaging the person who submitted the ad! don’t message animalcraigslist, we don’t have the item/villager/pattern you’re looking for!! look on the post for the person who submitted it, and shoot them a message!

i’ll be happy to answer any other questions on animalcraigslist !!! i look forward to your submissions!!

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chubby hamster club uwu 

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fact: shih tzus are one of the least intelligent dog breeds, and can be easily trapped by invisible soda force fields

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Is a 4x4 zen garden not going to cut it for your town? Well here you are. Nine raked sand garden tiles, go crazy.
QR codes by me.

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Here’s Bruce :V now available in my store

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