~Welcome ❧ ~
~Welcome ❧ ~

I wanted to respond to an ask, but apparently I can’t on my 3DS. x-x But basically, my computer has been broken for a while, and I still can’t use it, so if anyone needs to reach me, please email me ;u; My email is I’m sorry, guys, especially to those of you who won my giveaway, and I’m sorry you have to go through so much trouble Dx

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I don’t have any screenshots to how these towns look, but for some reason I saved their codes. So, if anyone feels like blindly exploring a dream town today, then, here are two random codes for you!

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Beau (.gif) valentine card, for all of you lovelies!

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i’m tired

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Oh. Oh.

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Skye is such a cutie

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It’s about halfway through winter, but I figured I’d post this before it was too late

My first path pattern, mossy cobblestone—with snow!  unfortunately the snow works best with inner corners, so that might be a little problem..but if you don’t mind, that is fine too!  Enjoy~

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