~Welcome ❧ ~
~Welcome ❧ ~

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take it off wendy

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Finally got to get my hair done. I’m a new woman. (And super pissed I can’t have this hair IRL.)

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the struggle is real

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I saw some beautiful saris in a book and got excited~ Complete with some mehndi henna on the arms. Unfortunately I kinda forgot how saris worked, so the sash doesn’t drape how it should. I put a heck of a lot of work into these!

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Just wanted to share with you guys how much animal crossing mean to me :)

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Commission for Crystal! Mayor Nim & Chief!


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When they change into a shirt, the pattern of the shirt glows on their tummies, rather than actually wearing the clothes.

Animal Crossing New Leaf ghost villagers! I need ghost villagers to exist in the next game ;o; it would be so cool.


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